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The Yellow House on the Pond

An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing

An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing

We are a small publisher of ebooks, paperpack books and audiobooks located on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. The name, An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan, is Scottish Gaelic and means Yellow House on the Pond. We are starting with the Kirk Lake Camp murder mystery series by author K.L. McCluskey and will build on titles from there. The ebooks and paperbacks will be available to purchase through numerous retailers and are distributed by Smashwords. Paperback books are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble or at select locations in Nova Scotia.

NEW! A collection of short stories with an east coast flavour by author K.L. McCluskey.

East Coast Eddies

Small stories of life in rural Nova Scotia.

Life in rural Nova Scotia along the eastern shore has its own culture and way. This collection of small stories from the perspective of a CFA, a Come From Away, highlights the author's view of life around her new home. Having lived in Ontario and British Columbia, and lived in both large cities and small villages and in areas where even villages were distant, the author is familiar with both urban and rural lifestyles, but living large along the coast in Nova Scotia has a distinct way about it. The small stories tell of a few ways in which the author sees the distinction.

The book consists of 5 short stories with an illustration for each story by Nova Scotia illustrator Arthur McBain. The stories are fiction as are the characters but still touch on the distinct flavour of maritime rural Nova Scotia.

Available as an ebook in numerous formats and as a paperback from Amazon. This book is available as a paperback locally in Nova Scotia from Hart's in Boylston and the Gaelic College in St. Ann's.

Available as an ebook (epub, kindle, ibooks, pdf and more).
Available as a paperback book.

Cozy mystery paperbacks available locally in Nova Scotia!

1 Hart's of Boylston General store in Boylston.

11771 Highway 16, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Come in for the deli counter, ice cream parlour and baked goods. Hart's are pleased to offer a unique selection of products, primarily sourced within Nova Scotia.

2 The Gaelic College craft shop in St. Ann's on Cape Breton.

51779 Cabot Trail, St. Ann's, Nova Scotia

The Gaelic College has an international reputation for its contribution to the promotion and preservation of traditional Gaelic culture, offering instruction in over ten disciplines, and year-round learning and fun. As a cultural destination, it will delight visitors with the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the living culture of the Nova Scotia Gaelic people.


The Kirk Lake Camp Series
Logo for Kirk Lake Camp series of ebooks

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Author: K.L. McCluskey

Owning and operating a cottage resort in a peaceful northern Ontario setting should be a piece of cake for a former police detective. Families should be happy to be on a vacation in rustic log cabins set among acres of old-growth pines along a vast shoreline of a clean lake ideal for swimming, boating and fishing.

It should and they should, is what goes through the mind of a former detective turned resort owner every time a guest shows up and havoc reigns.

NEW RELEASE: Cocktails at Five, book five in this series is now available.

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Back Road to Shore Series
Back Road to Shore Series logo

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Author: K.L. McCluskey

Charlene Parker thought her chance had finally come for a quiet, private life in a small community. When she was a cottage resort owner she thought the most serious event she would have to deal with was if a guest didn't like her and didn't return. That didn't even come close to what happened. It was murder and mayhem.

Things were looking up. Charlene sold the resort, said goodbye to Ontario and moved to rural Nova Scotia. She thought her world of crime and chaos was over.

She thought wrong.

It was murder and mayhem all over again.

Short Stories - East Coast Eddies
East Coast Eddies short stories logo

Genre: Short Stories

Author: K.L. McCluskey

The first book in this category, East Coast Eddies, is set in rural Nova Scotia and is a book of five short stories exploring the maritime flavour of the region through the eyes of a CFA, a Come From Away.

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Stories for Children
Story books for children logo

Genre: Picture ebooks for Children.

Various illustrated stories for children ...

A Northern Lights Christmas

A short illustrated story based on the animated video of the same name. Available in various reader formats.

A Dot, Spot and Box Christmas

A short illustrated story book based on the animated video of the same name. Available in various reader formats.

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Little Tracker videos.
Frame from a Northern Lights Christmas

Genre: Animation videos.

A Little Tracker Christmas. A little snowmobile saves the day when Santa crashes the sled. The animation is simple but set to a catchy song performed by Bert Collins and his Imaginary Friends.

A Dot, Spot and Box Christmas. Little Tracker is feeling down in the dumps this Christmas but Box has the cure!

A Northern Lights Christmas. Abbey and Little Tracker come to the rescue when Storm cuts off the Christmas magic from the North Pole.

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