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2 Two Buckets of Berries

Book two in the six book Kirk Lake Camp series of cozy murder mysteries by Canadian author K.L. McCluskey.

A Charlene Parker mystery.

It's another season and creepy poaching Bob is still peeping, Sarah has even more issues to talk about, Joe is still upset and there is still Jim in Nova Scotia to think about, it's hot and Charlene still must find time to cook for herself and half the police detachment while they poke about the resort trying to solve the murders before Charlene does it for them.

At least nobody died at the resort this time. Charlene could breathe a sigh of relief. She had enough work running Kirk Lake Camp without dealing with that again. It was the height of the season and all the cottages and fishing boats were rented. To top it off, a perfect storm was brewing.

It wasn't just the high humidity, heat and strong winds that had Charlene worried. Her married guests were quibbling, a young boy staying at the resort was troubled, her best friend Detective Sarah Davidson was deeply troubled, there wasn't enough time to pick blueberries and that was double trouble, Charlene couldn't make heads or tails of her own relationships and that wasn't even worth the trouble, and, oh yes, one of her guests was killed ... but at least not at the resort ... phew!

Paperbacks available locally in Nova Scotia!

1 Hart's of Boylston General store in Boylston.

11771 Highway 16, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Come in for the deli counter, ice cream parlour and baked goods. Hart's are pleased to offer a unique selection of products, primarily sourced within Nova Scotia.

2 The Gaelic College craft shop in St. Ann's on Cape Breton.

51779 Cabot Trail, St. Ann's, Nova Scotia

The Gaelic College has an international reputation for its contribution to the promotion and preservation of traditional Gaelic culture, offering instruction in over ten disciplines, and year-round learning and fun. As a cultural destination, it will delight visitors with the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the living culture of the Nova Scotia Gaelic people.

Two Buckets of Berries ebook cover. Two overturned buckets at the base of a cliff with blood on them.

Two Buckets of Berries

Book two in the Kirk Lake Camp Series.

Author: K.L. McCluskey

Phew. Nobody died at the resort this time. It was the height of the season and all the cottages and fishing boats were rented. To top it off, a perfect storm was brewing.

Series: Kirk Lake Camp - Book 2 of 6
Genre: Fiction -> Mystery & detective -> Cozy
Genre: Fiction -> Mystery & detective -> Women Sleuths
Published: Jan. 11, 2018
Published by: An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing.
Words: 80,350
Language: Canadian English
ISBN: 9781775236115
Available formats: eBook (numerous reader formats) and paperback.

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smashwords - 2 reviews

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